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Hello Sleep Mask is a blog where I help people get their best sleep mask. You could see my top pick sleep masks on the main page of this blog. To create that vision, I do create reviews of sleep masks that are available on the market, then choose some of the best for you. I also include informational posts about sleep to educate you on how to get better restful sleep.

Creating the reviews is not rocket science but I must be fair and put a lot of hard work on it. The reviews should be unbias. In addition, I should consider many things and stay focus on my readers. The priority of helping my readers get their best sleep mask is my own goal here.

The creator, I am Rahul Arora, who bought sleep masks several times feels as if it’s a call of duty to create this blog in terms of providing helpful information about sleep masks. Before that, I tried so many times searching for all the sleep masks and compared them then I finally got some best ones. It’s a lot of hard work. It makes me know them well but not make me stay away from discussing with you. Feel free if you want to ask something about sleep masks here.

Frankly, on HelloSleepMask, we also participate in an affiliate program from Amazon to create this website. It means when you click on one of the product links on this blog, then the link brings you to the Amazon page, we will get some pennies from Amazon if you buy from that link. Once again that it depends on you to click the links or not. However, we appreciate you to buy sleep mask from our links so that we keep maintaining this website for further articles and help many people sleep better with their sleep mask.

Enjoy this blog! Sleep better!