Alaska Bear Sleep Mask Review

One of some factors to consider when buying a sleep mask is its comfort. Then, one thing about the comfort is how soft the mask upon our skin.Alaska Bear Sleep MaskTalking about the softness of a sleep mask refers us to the fabric material. As we know that silk is soft, looking for a sleep mask which made of silk is the answer. Here is Alaska Bear sleep mask, popularly known as the best silk sleep mask on the market.


  • Dimension: 8.8 x 4.8 x 0.7 inches
  • Fabric Material: Mulberry Silk
  • Headband: Elastic strap
  • Closure: Buckle
  • Earplugs: No
  • Carry Pouch: No
  • Color: Black

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask Review

The Comfort

Manufactured with natural 100% 19mm mulberry silk makes this sleep mask very soft, smooth, lightweight, cool,¬†hypoallergenic, durable enough, and breathable. It’s perfect for any purpose. You could use it in your house or when traveling, meditating, for dry-eye sufferers, etc.

If you want to sleep without experiencing any distraction, feel nothing when using it, and only wake up once in the morning, this most comfortable sleep mask comes to answer your needs.

Light Blocking Capability

The sleep mask cover almost half of face
It covers almost half of face

For blocking light, it features black-out fabric so that you feel a darkness when wearing it. In addition, the large size nicely covers almost entire of your face and contributes in blocking out the light.

The Headband

The headband which utilizes elastic strap and buckle is fully adjustable and able to fit any head size. It can lengthen about 11,8 inches from 15,8 inches to 27,86 inches so this sleep mask is suitable for children, teens, and adults. It’s strong and keep the mask stay in place. Moreover, due to the strap thickness which is not too thick, it’s appropriate for every sleep style: back, stomach and side position.

Size and Models

This Alaska Bear sleep mask comes in three different sizes: 1. One strap, 2. One strap with nose pillow, and 3. Two straps with nose pillow. However, on Amazon, sometimes you will not be able to find the three models at one time. It may be out of the stock. Amazon sometimes presents only two models. Try to be patient and come later to see the third one.

Customer Reviews about Alaska Bear

I can conclude that most customers really state their satisfaction. The most part they appreciate is its comfort which is truly soft and comfortable. They also said that especially the XL size (with nose pillow) completely blocks out the light. It indicates that the main factors, comfortable and light blocking capability, that determine how best a sleep mask are owned by this Alaska Bear sleep mask. That’s why it’s not questionable if this sleep mask becomes the best seller sleep mask product on Amazon.

However, the Drawback Comes to…

I think every part of this Alaska Bear sleep mask has the positive review as the quality of this sleep mask is intended to fulfill customer satisfaction. However, I honestly think that this still has the bad side. After analyzing it deeply, I realize that this mask obviously needs extra care to look for it including how to wash it correctly. But, it is not a heavy problem. The important thing you should do is not to wash machine it, recommended washing is by dry-cleaning it.

Additionally, the bottom area has some potential gaps where the light can get through, certainly for the model one strap without nose pillow. For those that are very sensitive to the light, this could be a problem. However, you could solve this by buying the second model which has nose pillow. It can prevent the light properly at the bottom area.


Based on the quality, this sleep mask deserves to have a place in the buyers’ heart. It provides a great softness which makes the users sleep soundly like a baby. It also blocks out the light properly. You easily choose what model you want to suit your size, no matter your age you are welcome to buy it. Lastly, let me say that this Alaska Bear sleep mask is one of the best sleep masks that I have chosen for you.


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