Bedtime Bliss® Sleep Mask Review

Bedtime Bliss sleep mask is the recommended sleep mask for you to 100% block out the light. For those who are a light sleeper, this sleep mask should be your choice. Or for you who are uncomfortable with light when sleeping, this stuff is your answer.

How to judge a sleep mask when first time seeing it is not rocket science, I think. We can see by the rating and how many users have worn and bought it. It’s simple as the first time and I think many people use that way when they are shopping whatever they want to buy.

Bedtime Bliss sleep mask is one of the best sleep masks we advise you to buy, not only because of the rating but also the quality presented by this sleeping stuff. There are so many people who have tried and left excellent responses. It’s not an honest attitude for me to avoid this sleep mask from my review because I’m sure my readers will love it. It has 4,4 of 5 rating stars given by more than 5 thousands of users. Wow!! Not only you who are curious, but I’m also definitely curious to know it.

Bedtime Bliss® Best Blocking out the Light Sleep Mask

Bedtime Bliss is one of the best sleep masks that offers maximum quality in blocking out the light. As it’s built with a contoured shape to allow the mask conforming the user’s face, there will no any gaps between the mask and your face surface which is commonly the main cause where the light coming through.

You can see how the edges of this mask made look like. What I mean is the part that sticks to the user’s skin.

The size of this mask also determines how successful it is when blocking out the light.

I don’t know absolutely why the manufacturer, Bedtime Bliss, chooses this size but what I found that many people confirm that they fit with it in general. Not like the Nidra sleep mask which you can frequently find some users reported that the mask is too big with their head. Even a user reported that the Bedtime Bliss sleep mask is less 3/4 inches or 2 cm wider than Nidra. Check it out. You can figure it out yourself.

In most cases, those users that experienced their mask too big will be followed by some gap presents. Generally, the gaps appear near the ears. Due to the gap present, an incorrect size of the mask that does not fit with our face can cause an incapability the mask blocking out the light properly.

I would like to say that the size of Bedtime Bliss sleep mask is suitable for many people in general, then it leads the mask to successfully block out the light perfectly.

Further, don’t forget the role of the black color of the mask. It helps create better darkness, help you sleep in a total darkness.

How comfort is it?

It’s important to have a comfortable sleep mask. The best sleep mask should not bother your sleep.

There are some parts of a mask that determine whether it’s comfortable or not.

Some people feel it’s a plus value when their eyes can blink freely when they wear a sleep mask. Therefore, this sleep mask is molded like a valley in the eyes area to benefit us when our eyelids move. You can feel how comfortable your eyes blinking without touching the mask. You will love how your eyelashes never brush the mask. You will love how you never experience any pressure to your eyelids.

For women, you probably use makeup when you sleep, especially eye cream. This mask is your choice because it will not mess your makeup.

The edges of this sleep mask are made soft to make it comfortable to use.

I want to say that it has a soft elastic band that goes around to your head, not too tight yet keep it stay in the place. Then the band connects each other with Velcro. So you are free to adjust it until the comfort level you want.

Talking about comfortability cannot be far away from the material. Bedtime Bliss confirms that they use Polyester interlock in the outer fabric and Polyurethane foam as the inner. Even though it’s not made of silk such as the Alaska Bear sleep mask, it’s amazingly enough to create a comfortable, lightweight, and durable sleep mask. Many people have proven it, then it’s your turn.

The lightweight of this mask greatly affects the user’s comfort which eliminates pressure when using it.

The nose part of the mask is created somewhat to cover the user’s nose. I agree that it’s likely not fitting to everyone but I assure you that when you have a nose shape like most people have, it will perfectly fit on your nose – as the consequence, it blocks the light out very excellent. Because I think Bedtime Bliss has done some researches to get the average of human nose shape and conclude such a design that is appropriate for the customers.

What is the bad side of this mask?

It almost becomes a perfect sleep mask unless this problem. First is the nose area and the second is the durability.

God creates people in different look so that they are not identically each other. That’s why people have no the same nose shape. That’s why some people still experience gap around the nose part of this mask. However, I think Bedtime Bliss is quite fair because they manufacture the mask for average nose shape. You can see there’s only some who complain.

Nothing lasts in this world including sleep masks. However, it’s a bad news that some users reported that their Bedtime Bliss sleep mask come apart in only two or three months. But, when it’s compared to the users that wear it for years, this is a real comparison. I think it depends on how we use it, how we take care of it.

Last words

I highly recommend this sleep mask for everyone no matter your gender and needs. It’s perfect for traveling, napping, meditating, and even in your home. But you should notice it would make a problem for stomach sleepers because the cup (eye area) can cause pressure and make your eyes sore.

This is a must-have item you should buy for your health as an investment because it’s only $12.97 plus a set of earplugs to eliminate the sound. There is an extra choice for you who don’t like the logo “Old Moon + Bedtime Bliss” to migrate to the simple logo of Bedtime Bliss, and it’s available in four different colors: Purple, Black, Pink, and Red. They are at the same price $11.00 even less than the Old Moon + Bedtime Bliss.

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