Bedtime Bliss® Sleep Mask Review

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask is one of the most recommended product for those who are looking for a sleep mask that is able to block out the light completely. Waking up feeling vibrant, happy and energized starts with an incredible night sleep. An incredible night sleep involves falling asleep quick enough to be able to achieve the recommended hours for better sleep. However, in a bid to fall asleep fast, we encounter many challenges, and the biggest one is light. Light has a profound effect on sleep. Exposure to light at night stimulates alertness, and that can create serious bottlenecks for achieving sufficient, healthy and refreshing sleep. Happily, there is a real solution to the light problem when looking to fall asleep fast which we will be discussing in this article.  Since it’s very important to sleep in a pitch black room, getting a sleep mask could be the solution especially when it is difficult to create total darkness in your environment.

While traveling on an airplane you sometimes notice that it’s not dark enough for a sound sleep, Bedtime Bliss sleep mask is designed to fully avoid any kind of light creeping in.  You will feel that you are truly in a dark room. 
Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask review

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Review

This sleep mask is designed by the trusted and revered Bedtime Bliss Company. The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask operates on the principle that darkness allows for the production of melatonin, a hormone produced by the brain’s pineal gland, which allows you to fall asleep naturally. So what makes Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mass so effective in stimulating fast, natural sleep? Here is a complete rundown: 

Key features and benefits

1. Best in Light Blocking

As it is made with a contoured design to adapt the users’ face, it eliminates gaps between the mask and your skin, where most often the light creeps through. Moreover, as you could see how the edges of this mask look like. It is the part that sticks to the user’s skin. It helps in preventing the gaps.

The size of the mask also determines how it blocks out the light properly. A well-fitted mask helps better in light blocking. It is neither too big nor too small. I measured it and found that Bedtime Bliss eye mask is 3/4 inches or 2 cm shorter in width than Nidra eye mask. In general, I would like to say that Bedtime Bliss sleep mask size is suitable for almost all people. It helps in almost complete elimination of light.

The nose cover is to completely block out any light coming from the nose area. I agree that it may not be perfect fitting for those who have a really small or a big nose. So in such a case, you can avoid it. But I’m very much sure that this mask will perfectly fit almost everyone leaving a few exceptions.

2. Delivering Comfort To the Users

It features recessed areas around the eyes, which means you’re able to open and close your eyes without interference. Sometimes during sleep, you have rapid eye movement, and when you’re wearing the traditional eye mask that’s flat on the back, your eyelashes will hit on the back of the mask and cause you to wake up. That would technically destroy the quality of your sleep. This hollowed mask gives you deeper and more restful sleep.

Such a contoured design will be beneficial to most of the women, who often applies face pack or creams before going to sleep because in such case, they need not worry about eye mask touching their face. The edges of this mask are made of a soft kind of material to make it comfortable when you are wearing it. So you don’t have to worry that it will irritate you or leave any mark.

Additionally, the lightweight of this mask have positive affects to the user’s comfort which nicely eliminates any pressure at usage.

3. Durability

As Bedtime Bliss confirms that the mask uses Polyester interlock in the outer fabric and Polyurethane foam in the inner part, which means that it is made from a top quality material (swimsuit like material) that can withstand stretching and washing. This means that it will serve you for the longest time.

Even though it is not made up of silk, such as Alaska Bear sleep mask, it is still amazingly comfortable, lightweight and surely a durable sleep mask. In our assessment, this could last up to a year or even more. It depends on the usage and how you take care of it. You might want to read this guide on how to take care of your eye mask.

4. Made of super soft fabric

It is made of soft fabric (polyester coated foam) to get rid of any pressure it might apply to your face. Also, the mask does not encourage sweating. The prospect of waking up in the middle of the night is completely eliminated by the soft fabric of this sleeping mask.

5. Has adjustable velcro straps

It comes with an adjustable velcro strap to fit any size head with adequate strength. The strap fits comfortably, which means it’s not too lose even when you turn throughout the night. The trouble with other masks is that the straps tend to stretch and you can’t get a comfortable fit anymore. No matter the stretching or washing, Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask stays in its place.

bedtime bliss contoured eye mask review

Customer Reviews

It almost becomes a perfect sleep mask except for these small problems that are the nose area and durability.

God creates people in different looks so that they look unidentical to each other. That’s why people have different nose shape. That’s why some people still experience some gap around the nose part while using this mask. However, I think Bedtime Bliss is very fair because they created a mask that fits almost all nose shapes.

For the durability, unluckily, some users reported that their Bedtime Bliss sleep mask came apart in only 8-9 months. This could be an anomaly. But, I finally conclude that it depends on how you use it, how you take care of it. If we do it right, it can last longer. Therefore, you are better off if you read my guide on how to take care of sleep mask.


I highly recommend this product especially if you are looking for the best sleep mask in blocking out the light. Additionally, it is made up of soft and comfortable material. The most important feature of a sleep mask i.e light blocking ability and supreme comfort is absolutely fulfilled by this mask.

It is good for any usage whether be Traveling or Napping or Home or Meditating and so on. But it can cause a problem to those people who are stomach sleepers because the cup (eye area) can put pressure on your eyes resulting in eye sore.

This is a must have sleeping mask that you should buy. As an investment for your health, it’s not too expensive (with a pair of additional earplugs) and comes with all the attributes of adequate, sound and fulfilling sleep. You could use it every day and get some amazing benefits of sleeping in the darkness wherever you are. Bedtime Bliss sleep mask is also available in four different colors i.e Purple, Black, Pink, and Red. Make your own choice.

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