Earth Therapeutics Mindbody Therapy Sleep Mask

There is various goodness to sleep with a sleeping eye mask. It helps the secretion of melatonin hormone in our body by creating a total darkness. In other words, it’s such a way to manipulate our body that the light is truly off.

Besides creating a total darkness, it also should be able to support our restful sleep by giving a better comfort. A better quality of the fabric material, it should smell scent for relaxing or therapy, and comfortable to use are some things determining the comfort.

Here we have one of our recommendation sleep masks that has good optional quality for you, Earth Therapeutic Mind/Body Therapy sleep mask. It has a nice quality to block light, made of soft materials and the product is scented.

Padding Added at the Edge

It’s designed with padding at the edge such as the pillow sticking our skin face. It’s an advantage to minimize the distractions which lead to gaps and block the light better.

While blocking light, you are easy to blink your eyes a little. The mask will not press your eyelids directly.

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