Imak Sleep Mask Review

Do you suffer from a migraine? Looking for the aid that is simple to use and exactly not drugs? Why not using the Imak sleep mask? It could soothe your migraine while sleeping then feel it gone away when you wake up.

Imak sleep mask is a sleep mask designed by the physicians in the U.S.A. It’s reliable to soothe migraines or the other headache issues. Many people have proved it can relieve migraines, especially due to its smooth compression and proper light blocking.

Imak Sleep Mask Features

Soothing Compression

This is absolutely amazing. How the physicians create the design is amazingly amazing. It’s really created to give a soothing compression to the face when using it. So you would feel a gentle and relaxing pressure against your face. But how does this Imak sleep mask do that?

Let me guess that the compression may come from the combination of these parts: the weight, beads, fabric material and the strap. They simultaneously create such a particular level compression. We don’t know the value but it definitely has.

First is the weight. The weight comes from a huge amount of the small beads that contains the inside of the mask. The beads, called ergoBeads™ as the technology, which its main function is to give cooling sensation, unintentionally also takes a part of making the mask weighted.

Then the fabric material, cotton Lycra or you would know it easily as spandex, is a soft and stretchy yet strong fabric material that makes a smooth surface on your face so that you keep feel comfortable when the mask presses against.

Then the strap, with such a level of tightness, it will not put overpressure on your head. This will not allow your migraine getting worse due to the overpressure. Set it wrapping your head carefully.

With all those capabilities above, this Imak sleep mask is the best choice for those who suffer these problems:

  1. Migraine
  2. Headache
  3. Sinus pain
  4. Puffy eyes
  5. etc

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