Lewis N. Clark Sleep Mask Review

Lewis N. Clark sleep mask is one of sleep masks on the market that offers you a super affordable price yet able to give you an effective light blocking ability, sufficient comfort, and durability. That’s why it deserves to be one of my best sleep masks.

The Features and Specification


    • Dimension: 10 x 4 x 1 inches
    • Material: Cotton
    • Headband: Elastic strap with buckle closure
    • Earplugs: Not included
    • Carry Pouch: No

The Comfort

With its unordinary design, we may underestimate it. But, instead, the design is meant that you could narrow up the strap higher at the back of your head which is good to avoid pressure around your back head while you are lying on the mask.

Additionally, the pillowy part at the bottom mask creates a comfort place for your eyes. This could soothe your tired eyes. Furthermore, due to the pillow, it lets quite wide space for eyes to blink sufficiently.

Made of cotton is greatly amazing, along with the thickness it shows us that it’s very breathable. It’s very suitable if you won’t get sweaty while sleeping. This mask is your lovely choice. In addition, I have seen several cotton sleep masks that they are durable and long last. Another great advantage is it’s easy to wash.

Light Blocking Ability

I love the design to block the light. It’s effectively put such a pillow at the bottom area of the mask which disallows light getting through by the bottom. It creates an amazing darkness that drives you into a restful and deep sleep.

The black color will black out anything when you wear it. It manipulates your body that it’s dark even though you are in the bright room.

The Strap

The adjustable strap is comfortable, easy and fast to connect. As you can see the closure seems not familiar for sleep masks, it’s a buckle closure. If you want to avoid velcro, this is definitely your next choice. Don’t worry it disturbs your back head because the strap is put higher and you will not lie it on.

Available in Velour and Nylon Fabric

While you know that the product we talk about on this page is made of cotton, Lewis N. Clark Sleep Masks are also available in velour and nylon fabric. So don’t get easily confused.

I admit that the velour one is more comfortable due to its softness even get softer in use. You could get it in pink, gray and red colors.

If you need the nylon one, you should consider that it may get you sweaty while using it and the stiff properties may fail to properly prevent gaps. I honestly prefer to recommend you to choose the cotton and velour ones, but when it comes to nylon I don’t. But if you want to just check it out, it’s available in blue, purple and red colors.

I am so sorry for the video above because I cannot give any information or any link to this blue Lewis N. Clark mask above. As soon as possible I will complete it when I have got the information.

Customer Review

It’s extremely a great product that currently has received more than 1k customers. Therefore, it deserves to be as your favorite sleep mask. Additionally, it’s the cheapest one among the others.

And based on the customer reviews, I sum up this cheapest sleeping mask into the following:


  • Reliably block the light
  • Comfortable
  • Washable
  • Soothe tired eyes
  • Eyes have enough room to blink


  • Some people have experienced frequently the mask discolors and stains sheet.

Where to Find it?

This is actually the cheapest that we recommend.Check it out on Amazon. That’s a nice price despite could change anytime. Don’t worry about the quality. If you are looking for the cheapest yet good, this is what you want.

Overall, this Lewis N. Clark mask is one of the recommended sleep masks we happily advise you to buy, not only due to the price but also the quality.

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