Sleep Master Sleep Mask Review

Are you looking for a very different kind of sleeping mask? Then I can recommend you to take a look at Sleep Master Sleep Mask. It comes with a built-in sound muffling function to reduce noise. So, It will help in maintaining both darkness and silence which will ensure a very rich sleep.

It is pretty different kind of sleep masks that I have reviewed before. It is similar to a blanket wrapping your face. Definitely, it’s a sleep mask with which you can stay comfortable in any position you want, especially side position.

As this sleep mask is used by Tim Ferris mentioned in his post “5 tools for faster and better sleep“, I got a feeling that you must be curious about it.

Talking about a comfortable sleep mask, you might expect that it will keep you comfortable in any position you sleep. Some sleep masks, they often fail to keep us comfortable, especially when we sleep on our side position.

Some sleep masks only do its job perfectly for the users which have a big head. It seems that for those who have small head should choose a smaller size mask. If they keep wearing it, they will experience some gaps present around between ears and eyes. It often occurs when you sleep on your side. The pillow pushes the mask up, you can see some light from the part of the mask that is touching the pillow.

Information about the brand: – Sleep Master Pty Ltd. is a well-known company that deals with products related to bedroom. It manufactures high-quality pillows, mattress protectors, and blankets that are consumed by customers from different parts of the world. The company produces such products for domestic as well hospitality use. If you are looking to buy some of the best products which the company has been selling successfully in the market, then you have landed at the right place.

Sleep master sleep mask review

sleep master sleep mask review

Sleep Master Sleep Mask is a very famous product that is manufactured by the company to provide amazing comfort to all the lovers who loves sleeping a lot. It acts like a blanket that wraps your head around from front to back and connect with a soft velcro at the back. The mask is fully adjustable and can be used for sleeping in your house, apartment or a hotel. It also helps you to sleep in any position without having to worry about the mask slipping from your face or changing its position when you roll over during your beautiful sleep. It’s designed to stay at its position due to the nose part which folds the mask from slipping down. It is made up of soft, smooth and breathable material and also offers light elimination and noise reduction of all types. The product is hygienically fit and durable. It is washable and long lasting as its outer cover is made of synthetic whereas inner part is made up of cotton.


  1. Sleep master sleep mask has the feature of proper adjustability and it comes in a breathable fabric which can be easily washed.
  2. It is very light in weight and made from cotton inside and synthetic material outside.
  3. The product does not cause any type of allergy and it is suitable for people of different age groups.

sleep master mask review

Some of its pros and cons are discussed here in detail which you must consider before buying the product online.


  • It is very comfortable in any sleeping position: back, stomach or side position.
  • Combined with earplugs, the mask can block the sound perfectly.
  • It blocks almost all unwanted light moving into your eyes while sleeping in your house or hotel. You can get total darkness when lamps are turned off.
  • Another benefit of this mask is that it is made from very soft and long lasting fabric which can be easily washed and handled without any discomfort.
  • It increases the melatonin level in the body which is created at the time of sleeping and helps the user wearing this mask to enjoy comfortable and noiseless sleep.
  • This eye mask has comfortable and elasticised strap which easily holds the mask on your head.


  • The mask can sometimes prove a hindrance in sleeping and make you sweaty because it tends to become hot for some users with sensitive skin. You should avoid using it in hot weather condition which can further turn your head hot.
  • Not one of the best sleep mask for traveling because a small gap is still present. As we know that this sleep mask is contoured due to which a gap occurs.
  • It can be expensive for those people who don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a sleeping mask.


The sleep master sleep mask is a good option for the people suffering from insomnia or any type of sleeping troubles. Its sleek and elegant design protects your eyes from extra or unwanted light which makes it difficult to sleep sometime. It is a good choice because its design and looks are maintained to attract a large number of customers. Even though the price is somewhat expensive than the other sleep masks available in the market, but I will still recommend this product because of its long lasting and consumer friendly fabric. I will also put this on my list of best sleep mask because I believe that my readers will love this product.

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