Sunglasses Sleep Mask

Do you want to either take a nap or sleep without light but don’t want to look like truly off? Don’t wear a usual sleep mask, wear sunglasses sleep mask. It sounds weird but actually real.

Sunglasses sleep mask sounds weird but actually very creative and innovative. I even never imagine that I will find a stuff like this.

It looks like sunglasses normally, but the function is to block out light. So, you will not able to see anything across the glasses. Also, the light is not able to get it through in. However, if you head it up to the sun, you are still able to see it but in a tiny dark-orange circle. Of course, it is relatively not disturbing to your eyes.

Whether you are at the beach, bus, public area, or even in a waiting room, wearing this stuff will tell everyone that you are watching out, in fact, you are asleep.

Although this sunglasses sleep mask is not almost all the time you need it, however, at the moment you need it, it’s worth you so much. Imagine you pick up the usual sleep mask to wear when you want to act like watching out while you are sleeping, you end up getting caught up quickly. People don’t need to prove that you can’t see anything.

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