What is Sleep Mask?

Sleep Mask is
Eye Mask for Sleeping

Sleep mask or sleeping mask or eye mask for sleeping or sleeping eye mask has the same meaning. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a blindfold you wear at night when you sleep to help you get a total darkness for your sleep.

The blindfold itself could be made with any kind of cloth material, but you will frequently find that sleep masks are made up of Silk, cotton, foam, polyester, and even satin. It’s commonly made with blackout color so it darkens your vision to manipulate your body that you are in a dark area.

The best usage of mostly sleep masks is that it cover both eyes and wrap around your head with a strap then connected with a fastener. Some use only elastic band without fastener or velcro. The straps are specifically designed to make the mask stay in place while sleeping.

Why We Need It?

Sleep masks are specifically designed to block unwanted light, which helps you fall asleep naturally. So you could find some of them with a contoured shape to prevent gaps which are able to appear failing the main function of the sleep mask. However, not everyone needs a sleep mask that blocks 100% of light. They may seem to have a shade function only and put more attention to the comfort.

They can be used at various times and places. Some people use sleep masks purely for sleep, but they can also be used for relaxation and meditation. Some people have trouble falling asleep in unfamiliar locations, so they’ll use one for traveling, at a hospital or hotel, or just staying at a friend’s house. Other people have trouble falling asleep no matter where they are, so they will even use one at home.

How to Use It?

How you use a sleep mask is very simple. The first thing you do is put it on and make sure it fits. Most sleep masks have adjustable straps, so you can modify the straps to ensure a secure fit. Before lying down to sleep, the eye mask should be strapped to your head, with the blindfold portion resting on your forehead. Once you lie down, you close your eyes, pull the mask down, and you’ll soon drift to sleep.

Available Brands on the Market

You would find several sleep masks out there which have been established on the market. Here I am as the best sleep mask reviewer, I have made a list of the manufacturers below:

  1. Alaska Bear
  2. Bedtime Bliss
  3. Bucky (Bucky 40 Blinks)
  4. Sleep Master
  5. Restoration
  6. Nidra
  7. Purefly
  8. MemorySoft
  9. Earth Therapeutics
  10. Dream Essentials (Escape Luxury)
  11. Imak
  12. Luxveer
  13. Lewis N. Clark
  14. Drift to Sleep

There are still so many companies manufacturing sleep masks. The previous brands are some best ones I compiled from the Amazon website. I attempt to update it frequently to make sure you don’t miss any of them.

How About the Price?

The price of a sleep mask ranges from $5 until $30 based on typical things such as the brand, material, earplugs included or not, carry pouch, design and so on. However, you frequently could find it at a very reasonable price about $10.

I advise you to have a sleep mask for your sleep because it only needs a pocket of pennies. You can also read our guide below on our most recommended sleep mask.

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With that small amount of money, you can improve your health, increase productivity and sharp memory just from your sleep.

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